What Is a Block Explorer?

What Is a Block Explorer?

A block explorer is an account that is designed to allow people to interact with a blockchain. This type of system is linked to a blockchain, and it is the dashboard used by crypto enthusiasts to query individual blocks and transaction details linked to an address. Most blockchains come with an explorer system. For example, a person that wants to view the transaction details linked to an address on Ethereum can use EthScan, while transactions on Solana can be viewed on Solscan. 

People can view the transactions of others through this means, and it is possible because blockchain is transparent. If a user wants to know the amount of Ether that a wallet address has, they can check it on the blockchain explorer. 

Blockchain explorers are designed to heighten transparency and decentralization. The transparent element that cryptocurrencies are one of the ways that it stands apart from traditional currencies. It is near impossible to know the value that a conventional account with fiat currencies has, unlike a crypto address. 

It is software that is meant to take a peek into the intricacies of blocks, transactions, and blockchain network metrics. If the user wants to check the average transaction fees, hashrates, block size, block difficulty, and so on, they can do it with the blockchain explorer. This is an easy way for regular users to interact with the blockchain. 

For instance, if a crypto enthusiast wants to mint an NFT on Ethereum, they have to check when the gas fees are affordable. Usually, transaction fees on Ethereum 1.0 are high compared to what is obtainable on other networks. People have to look for the period that the network is not congested to carry out transactions at a relatively affordable value. The blockchain explorer can also be used for this purpose. 

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