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Coinque Consulting launched by seasoned professionals to tap Web 3.0 needs

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AcknoLedger Product Updates – Yash Dahenkar, CEO, AcknoLedger

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AcknoLedger New Product Updates

Coinque Altcoinbuzz 9

What is Ethereum? Ft. Yash Dahenkar, Founder & CEO – AcknoLedger

CryptoTV By CoinSwitch Kuber – Yash Dahenkar

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Altcoinbuzz review of AcknoLedger

Coinque Altcoinbuzz 9

NERVOUS SYSTEM of Web 3.0 Digital Assets – AcknoLedger Interview | Yash Dahenkar – Alexandre Raffin

Coinque Altcoinbuzz 6

AcknoLedger raises $1.53 million in initial seed and private sales to become a gateway to metaverses

Coinque Altcoinbuzz 3

Discussion on Defi and NFT in India? | Unchained Music | Acknoledger | Bru Finance | BuyUcoin

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YourStory Article – [Funding alert] AcknoLedger raises $1.53M in initial seed and private sales

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Mint Article – AcknoLedger raises $1.53 million in initial seed round and private sales

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Altcoinbuzz – Top Crypto News: 10/21 | Binance’s 1st IGO

Coinque Altcoinbuzz 9

Cointelegraph – AcknoLedger announces their NFT integration with Polygon

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AcknoLedger — Enjinstarter collaboration will Boost Ecosystem Development to make blockchain gaming and the Metaverse widely available

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BuyUcoin Talks: Discussion on Metaverse with Nonceblox, Acknoledger and Galexi.io

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Cointelegraph – AcknoLedger, Enjin unite in blockchain gaming and metaverse space

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Lending assist to play-to-earn gaming platform, @kakanftworld, and getting featured on @Altcoinbuzznews

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How Do We Do It ?

We first understand your business domain and market, and then create effective strategies to turn your business goals into reality by efficiently promoting your brand on the internet – whether it is local, national or internationally, we reach your audience to help build your business.

We work with you to find scalable strategies to bring in more users. Our aim is to help you grow your business by infiltrating the market through product innovations, new distribution channels, and technology-based features, so you reach more customers in a cost-effective manner.

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